“Save it, repair it, you might not have to replace it.”

Blade Sharpening Services.

Our sharpening service can be summed up in a single phrase, “If it has an edge, we can sharpen it”. We can do most household items from scissors to kitchen knives, as well as the handy man's handsaws and saw blades, including carbide and steel. Remember - it is always less expensive to sharpen and repair than to replace. We do tools for cabinet shops and boat builders, even the more difficult corner chisels, as well as shaper cutters and router bits. We can also make custom moulding cutters if you supply the pattern. We sharpen band saw blades from several inches wide to 1/8 inch wide and 16 teeth per inch. We also sharpen hole saws, tin snips and any of the lawn and garden tools. We can do HSS drill bits, auger, forstner, countersinks, plug cutters and counter bores. A more complete list is available by contacting our office.

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